These Conditions & Terms of Sale will apply to all signage and display products and services provided by Hamesley Pty Ltd (Company) trading as Gigantic Signs & Prints, for the Customer.

1. Quotes – All quotes issued by the Company will be subject to these standard terms and conditions, including without limitation the requirement to pay a deposit. Quotations are valid for a period of 60 days from date of quotation advice. Acceptance of quotation after 60 period is subject to pricing confirmation and may be subject to change.

2. Ordering – All orders must be placed with the Company in writing and an order will not constitute an acceptance so as to bind the Company unless it is accompanied with the deposit required under clause 6 and a signed copy of these terms and conditions acknowledging the Customer’s acceptance of these terms.

3. Verbal Orders – Notwithstanding clause 2 the Company retains an absolute discretion to choose to accept a verbal order. If the Company does choose to accept a verbal order it will constitute a binding acceptance and the Customer will be deemed to have accepted that the work is subject to these Terms and Conditions if within 24 hours of a receipt is prepared to accept all or any of these standard terms and conditions.

4. Payment Terms – unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment will be due in full on the date of practical completion of the work provided that the Customer is notified that the work is complete. The sign will not be handed or delivered to the Customer until such payment is made by Direct Deposit, Cash or Visa before the work is handed over to the Customer.

5. Contracting Party – Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing between the parties the person or company who signs the order, or whose apparent representative signs the order, will be deemed to be the Customer and will be liable to pay to the Company all money due under the order or these standard terms and conditions.

6. Deposit – unless otherwise agreed in writing the Customer will be liable to pay a deposit of 50% of the total value of the order when it places an order in accordance with clause 2 above. Payments can be made via EFT or Credit Card.

Method of Payment

Our preferred method of payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Our bank details are shown on your Invoice.

Credit Card payments are also accepted (by email, phone or in person).

Cash or Litecoin :

7. Unpaid Work – unless otherwise agreed in writing interest will accrue on the amount outstanding on completed work at the rate of 5% per week compounding  from 7 business days after the date of practical completion until the amount is paid.

8. Ownership of Signs – ownership of signs produced under these standard terms and conditions will remain with the Company, even if a sign has been delivered to the Customer, until such time as all money owing to the Company relating to the production of that sign has been paid. The Customer Agrees that the Company will be entitled to enter any premises of the Customer or any other acquired agent of the Company, and use reasonable force to do so, in order to retain possession of a sign for which it has not been paid in full.

9. Colour match – Colours should be selected from our range of cast and translucent vinyl colours. We have also a vast range of paint and powder coat colour charts to select colours from. PMS and Pantone colours relate to printing ink colours only and as such these colours can only be made to match by eye. This matching may attract a set charge per colour and approval must be given before manufacture.

10. Artwork supply – Artwork can be supplied in a number of formats.

The most common file formats :-

PDF – fonts converted to paths/curves; Layers flattened
Jpeg (needs to be hi-res for large prints)
ai, eps, dxf and pdf vector files

Please Note : if you supply file in any format that cannot be read, all charges associated with the correcting or reformatting of the unreadable file will be charges as an extra variation.

11. Artwork Approval – All artwork created by the Company must be approved by the Customer in writing prior to the commencement of manufacture. The colours will be detailed on the drawing only and the customer will be responsible for ensuring that the colours listed are acceptable to them. Colour samples are available at request.

12. Artwork, Copyright and Design Ownership – The Company will retain the ownership of artwork, material over which copyright exists and designs produced by it and all intellectual property associated with these. The sale or license of the artwork, design or material capable of attracting copyright for future use by the client is a matter for separate negotiation. The Customer must not reproduce these things without the prior written consent of the Company.

13. Changes to Layout – One set of changes after the original proposed layout has been replicated by the Company will be made without cost to the Customer, but thereafter studio time will be incurred because of further changes to the layout and charged at $90 per hour.

14. Delivery – Unless otherwise stated in writing delivery costs are not included in the price quoted. The Customer agrees that where it requests the Company to arrange delivery the Customer will pay the costs of delivery.

15. Council Applications – Charges for the preparation of the required Development Applications are charged at a minimum of approx. $450 + gst per job. Associated fees imposed by the council are charged at cost +15%. Costs and requirements vary from council to council and on the size of the signage project. Certified Structural Engineer reports and associated supporting calculations are also charged at minimum cost of $875 + gst.

16. Installation – Unless otherwise stated the quoted price of a job includes the ordinary costs of installation including, Labour during normal working hours, hiring costs of lifting apparatus (pickers, cranes, duck lifts etc) hole boring and concrete. If installation is required on weekends, or after hours when penalty labour rates apply at $85 per man hour, the additional labour costs will be charged on top of the quoted price.

16B. Site Induction

The costs associated with on-site or off –site ‘inductions’ are NOT included in any quoted pricing.
Should a site induction need to be done prior to work beginning, a fee will be charged at the rate of $150 per person per hour or part thereof. This fee will be itemised on the final invoice of works supplied and or installed by us.

17. Power Connection – This cost is included in the installation of all electrical signs, provided that power is supplied to the point of installation and there is no additional cabling required to make the connection. Additional cabling to the point of installation of the sign is not included.

18. GST – is not included in a quoted price. Invoiced goods & services will always show the ‘quoted’ price and the extra 10% for GST

19. Variations and Urgent Work – Costs that are incurred by virtue of the client changing the specifications of the job, failing to make reasonable arrangements for installation, requiring the work to be done out of hours when increased rates apply for workers and equipment hire or requesting a job be done early necessitating the use of overtime labour, will be charged to the Customer.

20. Disbursements – The following disbursements may be charged at cost by the Company and paid by the Customer on top of the quoted price: photocopying above 5% of the value of a particular job, artwork printouts, STD, ISD, SMS and mobile phone calls, facsimile transmissions, couriers, packing and handling.

21. Warranty and Indemnity – The Customer warrants that it has obtained all necessary approvals from third party owners of intellectual property and from relevant regulatory authorities for the production and installation of the sign and the Customer indemnifies the Company against any action, claim or demand by any third party as a result of this approval not being obtained.

22. Acceptance of Conditions & Terms of Sale – The Customer acknowledges that Acceptance of the Conditions & Terms in full, forms an integral part of an ongoing relationship with the Company. In the event of the Customer not conforming to the Conditions & Terms, the Company will enforce the Conditions & Terms at its own discretion. Once accepted by the Company, it is understood that the Acceptance remains in force, regardless of the employment status of the original person accepting on behalf of the Customer.