Point of Purchase (POP) is one of the most powerful forms of ‘in store’ promotion of products. In most instances, a POP display is positioned right where the customer is ready to make an impulsive, unplanned purchase. Designed to attract the customer eye by means of colour, illumination and/or movement, a well designed and positioned POP display will generate additional turnover of product, well in excess of that experienced if the product is not properly merchandised with the aid of a POP display.

P-O-P advertising is a strategic medium critically important to any integral consumer marketing campaign, just as significant
as print or television advertising. This is because only P-O-P can serve as the ‘last three feet’ of the campaign; moreover, it
is executed at the sole point at which the product, the consumer and the dollars to buy the product come together.

P-O-P advertising is unique among mass advertising media in that its effect on sales is clear and direct. Scanner technology utilized in-store conclusively demonstrates the sales impact made by P-O-P displays , signs and media.

At Gigantic Signs, our strength in POP design revolves around the combination of creativity and diversity of materials used.
We believe that the most dynamic POP display must have illumination and wherever possible, animation. We use a
combination of metals, timbers and plastics in both moulded and fabricated forms.