Our LED Lighting Products

We offer a range of LED Modules and Drivers specifically ideal for lighting a range of sign applications …
You can view our LED Products at www.LEDsignSupplies.com

Applications of products

  • Channel letter signs
  • Reverse channel letter signs
  • Indirect accent decor lighting
  • Architectural lighting – interior & exterior
  • Large area back lighting
  • Under counter lighting
  • Display cases
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting in Kitchen and Bar areas
  • Cove Lighting
  • This is a molded unit with insulated wires

Features of products

  • New LED lighting source is a substitute for traditional neon and fluorescent lighting.
  • Bright color, long life span, environment friendly and safe
  • High brightness, wide viewing angle and high performance ratio
  • RGB full color control function
  • Operates 12 hours a day for 15-20 years under normal working conditions
  • Very little maintenance required, if at all!
  • Anti-electricity leakage design with a low power supply of 12V
  • Its working temperature is -40C – 80C
  • Easy installation for ‘non’ certified technician

When considering a lighting option for your next lighting project, have a close look at options for LED lighting.

For more information about the LED lighting products we use in illuminated signage, visit our preferred supplier www.ledsignsupplies.com