LED Message & Screen Display Rental & Sales


Order $1,000+ value of signage from us between now and October 1st and we will let you have an LED display of your choice for FREE for 30 days to help add value and generate added income for you.

Offer valid July 18th to October 1st 2011

  1. Maximise visual impact.
  2. Promote sale items and special events
  3. Generate added income from existing customers

    Changeable copy LED message signs are especially effective in encouraging variation from accustomed consumption patterns.

    Variable message signage rental is relatively inexpensive. You can test the water before purchasing your own. Dollars generated by LED signage usually represent pure profit. Gigantic Signs has a range of variable message signs for both sale and rental opportunities. All signs are easy to program and change as needed. Some signs are cable connect for direct down load via computer, whilst others are wireless connected. A range of sign sizes is available to suit your specific needs and applications Ideal for exhibition, display and show promotions and for gaining attention.

Rental rates start from as low as $1 per day!

LED message display Hire Display Colour / Size Rate per day (1–3days) Per week (7days) Per month 3 x tri colour (RED, Green, Amber) (850 x 120) $20/day $85/wk $250/m 1 x Yellow (1980 x 250 $50/day $210/wk $630/m 1 x White (2200 x 150) $50/day $210/wk $630/m 1 x Green (2200 x 150) $50/day $210/wk $630/m 1 x Red (3990 x 320) $100/day $420/wk $1,200/m Billboard / Mega Displays POA POA POA *LED image display N/A N/A $60/ 2 month


  1. Prices do NOT include GST which is applicable.
  2. Special long term rental and rental to buy programs can be negotiated.
  3. Software is included. Transport & Delivery is not included.
  4. Larger full colour displays are available on application. Let us know what you needs are.

*LED image display – after 2 months rental, pay another $1 and own the sign outright!

  • New item
  • Display Colour / Size
  • Rate per day (1–3days)
  • Per week (7days)
  • Per month