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Welcome to the Gigantic Signs Resource area of our site. This area will enable you to download helpful files as well as find out more about the materials and processes that we use. Please take a look at the links we have provided also.

Latest Resources

MAXI LED Module 2.4WMAXI LED Module 2.4W (396 kb)
LED Solar Billboard LightingLED Solar Billboard Lighting (9611 kb)
3D Offer3D Offer (1189 kb)
ASGA P2ASGA P2 (1031 kb)
LED Module BonusLED Module Bonus (2960 kb)
LED Sample KitLED Sample Kit (1680 kb)
LED TransformersLED Transformers (1513 kb)
WM-4S-12V ModuleWM-4S-12V Module (1934 kb)
ASGA P1ASGA P1 (1495 kb)
Module DV-WM-3S5050-12AModule DV-WM-3S5050-12A (0 kb)
Module DV-WM-4S-12VModule DV-WM-4S-12V (1034 kb)
5050 SMD Module with Stainless Steel Cover5050 SMD Module with Stainless Steel Cover (1657 kb)
Flexible Light Strip and StrawhatFlexible Light Strip and Strawhat (2909 kb)
Controller and DimmerController and Dimmer (692 kb)
SMD Flexibility LightsSMD Flexibility Lights (3740 kb)
Controller and DimmerController and Dimmer (692 kb)
Occupation Health & SafetyOccupation Health & Safety (77 kb)
Boobytrap banner signageBoobytrap banner signage (219 kb)
Clinpath SignClinpath Sign (7965 kb)
FoxgordonFoxgordon (3259 kb)
LED Backlit ExamplesLED Backlit Examples (5677 kb)
Leighton BacklitLeighton Backlit (8543 kb)
Light Box GalleryLight Box Gallery (10214 kb)
MitoloMitolo (11330 kb)
POPAI Standards & EthicsPOPAI Standards & Ethics (412 kb)
Van SignageVan Signage (6985 kb)
Westpac SignWestpac Sign (7227 kb)
Printing Art SpecsPrinting Art Specs (1833 kb)