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Conditions & Terms of Sale

These Conditions & Terms of Sale apply to every sale of LED street lighting provided by, to the Customer.

1. Quotes - All quotes issued by will be subject to these standard terms and conditions, including without limitation the requirement to pay a deposit. Quotations are valid for a period of 60 days from date of quotation advice. Acceptance of quotation after 60 period is subject to pricing confirmation and may be subject to change.

2. Ordering - All orders must be placed with in writing and an order will not constitute an acceptance so as to bind unless it is accompanied with the deposit required under clause 5 and a signed copy of these terms and conditions acknowledging the Customer's acceptance of these terms.

3. Verbal Orders - Notwithstanding clause 2 retains an absolute discretion to choose to accept a verbal order. If does choose to accept a verbal order it will constitute a binding acceptance and the Customer will be deemed to have accepted that the work is subject to these terms and conditions if within 24 hours of a receipt of prepared to accept all or any of these standard terms and conditions.

4. Payment Terms - unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment will be due in full, prior to shipping goods. LED street lighting products will not be handed over or delivered to the Customer until such payment is made. Payment can be made by bank cheque, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit card via PayPal.  Where the Customer wishes to pay by personal cheque, reserves the right to withhold the work until that cheque has been honoured by the Customer's Bank.

Preferred payment : EFT details... Schooner Investments BSB 085375 Accnt#  812419931

5. Deposit - unless otherwise agreed in writing the Customer will be liable to pay an agreed upon deposit of the total value of the order when it places an order in accordance with clause 2 above. Payments can be made via bank cheque, EFT or Credit Card via PayPal. Personal cheques to be honoured before shipment.

6. Contracting Party - Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing between the parties, the person or company who signs the order, or whose apparent representative signs the order, will be deemed to be the Customer and will be liable to pay to all money due under the order or these standard terms and conditions.

7. Delivery - Unless otherwise stated in writing delivery costs are not included in the price quoted. The Customer agrees that where it requests to arrange delivery the Customer will pay the costs of delivery.

8. GST - is not included in a quoted price. Invoiced goods & services will always show the 'quoted' price and the extra 10% for GST

9. Variations and Urgent Work - Costs that are incurred by virtue of the client changing the specifications of the job, failing to make reasonable arrangements for supply, may be charged additional 'rush' fees associated with priority / express delivery charges.

10. Warranty and Indemnity - The Customer warrants that it has obtained all necessary approvals from third party owners of intellectual property and from relevant regulatory authorities for the production and installation of street lighting and the Customer indemnifies against any action, claim or demand by any third party as a result of this approval not being obtained.

11. Acceptance of Conditions & Terms of Sale - The Customer acknowledges that Acceptance of the Conditions & Terms in full, forms an integral part of an ongoing relationship with In the event of the Customer not conforming to the Conditions & Terms, will enforce the Conditions & Terms at its own discretion. Once accepted by the Company, it is understood that the Acceptance remains in force, regardless of the employment status of the original person accepting on behalf of the Customer.