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Calculator Green House Gas Emissions

Have you ever wanted to know what effect you have on greenhouse gas emissions in your home?

The Greenhouse Calculator is a program that will calculate your yearly greenhouse gas emissions based on the information you provide. The calculator will also compare your greenhouse emissions with that of a 'typical' house and a 'green' house.

To launch the program, you will need the Macromedia Shockwave 7 Player or later and a version 4 browser or later. If you do not have the Shockwave Player, you can download it from the Adobe Shockwave Player Download Center. Adobe also provides advice on troubleshooting difficulties that may be encountered in installing the Shockwave player.

If you are a mac user, the Greenhouse Calculator will not run under OS X. It will, however, run in Classic mode.

Users have experienced problems with viewing the Greenhouse Calculator. Uninstalling previous versions of Shockwave and installing the latest version (available from the Adobe Shockwave Player Download Center) seems to rectify the problem.
Click the Greenhouse Calculator image to launch the program

After launching the Greenhouse Calculator you may notice a message asking to download the PopXtra and the Printomatic Xtra (message will only appear if you do not have the relevant files already installed on your machine). Please allow both to be downloaded.

There is an initial load of about 450KB (approximately two minutes on a 56K modem).

To use various sections of the program, the Apple QuickTime Player is also required. If you do not have the Apple QuickTime Player, you can download it from the Apple website. CD-ROM version