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Common LED Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the technical aspects of the Electronic Message Center.

Q : What is an LED?
A : It is short for "light-emitting diode". These tiny lamps contain semi-conductor chips that are used to create the color.

Q : What is a "Pixel"?
A : It is a complete dot formed by LED lamps.

Q: What are the Types of Lamps?
A: PC Board Type (Mounted on a PC Board)OR Cluster Type (Individual small groups of LEDs)

Q : What is the viewing angle?
A : We offer 140 degrees for outdoor Electronic Message Centers.

Q : What are the benefits of LEDs?
A : They are very energy efficient, long lasting, provide high resolution, better clarity, and require little maintenance.

Q : How is it energy efficient?
A :It is UL listed as low wattage. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, they can cut costs up to 95%.

Q : How long do LED lamps last?
A : They have a life span of at least 100,000 hours (Approx. 10 years) with minimal maintenance. Costs are significantly reduced by little need to constantly service the sign.

Q : How easy is it to maintain and service?
A : Our LED lamps can be replaced with ease. Using front serviceability, signs can be diagnosed and repaired with less time.

Q : How are the displays programmed?
A : We have several different types of communication that can be used, depending on your needs. This includes RF and dial-up modems. All signs can be programmed with a simple windows-based software (WinEDT) that can be used to create text and animation designs with numerous different effects.

Q : What languages can be displayed?
A : All languages can be displayed in graphic mode.

Q : What type of communication may be used when there is difficulty running a conduit?
A : Our wireless RF modems can be used to program signs without running any cables or wires.

Q : What are the applications?
A : Banks, schools, theaters, airports, car dealerships, stadiums, hospitals, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, shopping centers, churches, or wherever you need to get the message out.

Q : How difficult is the installation?
A : The process is simple and every display is equipped with standard mounting and holding rings.

Q : What are the best uses for LED Signs?
A : Displays can be utilized as indoor led signs or configured as an outdoor led sign depending on need and use.

Q : What is your warranty?
A : We offer a 5-year In-House parts and service warranty. This includes the replacement or repair of any defective parts and components.