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LED Waterproof Piranha Module-4LEDs
Product:  LED Waterproof Piranha Module-4LEDs
Item No Colour Wave
Wattage LED
Angle Size
WM-4P-R-12 Red 620-625nm 0.45W 4 LEDs 15mm 7.5LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-Y-12 Yellow 585- 595nm 0.45W 4 LEDs 15mm 7.0LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-B-12 Blue 465-475nm 0.4W 4 LEDs 15mm 5.6LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-G-12 Green 515-525nm 0.4W 4 LEDs 15mm 8.0LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-W-12 White 5000±500k 0.4W 4 LEDs 15mm 6.5LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-WW-12 Warm White 3500±500k 0.4W 4 LEDs 15mm 6.5LM 110-120° 36x36x10mm
WM-4P-RGB-12 RGB 470-625nm 0.72W 4 LEDS 17mm R626 G525 B470 120° 35x35
(1) LED Piranha Lighting, Stainless steel Cover
(2) Waterproof degree :IP 68
(3) One of the advantages of LED modules are their long operating life - more than 50,000 hours
(4) Temperature durable: -20°C~50°C; operating temperature: 5°C -50°C
(5) Environment protection, easy installation,less maintenance
Advertising market, ex, used in the letter, design, display and so on.
Application Pictures:

Budget the quantity of LED module
Make sure the arrangement of the LED module at the same apace. The vertical and level space of the LED module is 5-7cm. The distance between module and the edge of the letter is 4-6cm.

Design the project of power pack
Total power consumption = LED module quantity (in budget) x single module power x 1.2

The installation of the LED module
* Clean the surface.
* Take out the LED module, paste the double-faced papers on the back of the module. Then put them into the inner side of the box.. or screw them.
* Test it before finishing the installation.