Laminating, Encapsulating & Mounting


Many of our ‘print’ clients also make use of our in-house laminating, encapsulating and mounting service. An extensive range of laminates is available for all printed media.

Thick and thin laminate film in high gloss, satin & matt finishes are available.
Our maximum width in both out cold and hot machines is 1500mm.

A range of mounting stock in various thicknesses will suit your display needs.

Floor Graphics? – yes we even provide these for clients who want to advertise and promote products and services. Our special scuff / slip resistant clear textured laminate are ideal for floor graphics.


Wallpaper / murals


Ever thought of completely covering a wall with any graphic of your choice? Well now you can!
Apart from self adhesive vinyl, there is a great range of textured vinyls that can be applied to any smooth wall the same way you would normally apply ‘wallpaper’.
This is a great idea for feature walls in cafes & restaurants or any business reception area to display and demonstrate you products and / or service. If you want a sample simply request via the “request a quote” form, and we’ll post it to you!