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DV-V300 key-press type multifunctional LED RGB controller is used exclusively to control the RGB color of the LED modules with 4 lines and 3 loops (common anode) to change entirely and synchronously.

 􀂋 Important Notice

Please read this manual carefully before installing and using this product, to avoid unnecessary damage and extra cost.   


Please note -

If quality problems occur during the normal use abiding by the operation instructions, our company offers replacement service within 1 month from the purchase date or free maintenance within 1 year from the purchase date.

We will not take the responsibility for any problems caused by incorrect wiring, installation or abuse of the product, including the following


1 The damages caused by disassembling, or modifying the circuit personally, or replacing any chip without permission.


2 The damages caused by vibration through transportation or dropping after the purchase.


3 The damages caused by natural calamities like earthquake, fire, and flood, or lightning attack, environment pollution, abnormal voltage.


4 The damages caused by negligence or improper maintenance, such as storing in the high temperature or moist surroundings, or near the harmful chemicals.


Take Care of this Product


IN order to keep the controller intact and working at its optimum………….


1.     Avoid installation in the areas where there is potential for lightning strike, close to strong magnetic field or high-voltage.


2.     Ensure the correct and positive wire connection to eliminate shorting which could lead to potential fire risk.


3.     The controller should work in a ventilated and dry place within recommended temperature range.


4.  Before using this product, please check that if the local voltage and the adaptor meet the requirements of the product. Also check if the polarities of the power are defined identically with the products.


  1. Before switching on the power, please reconfirm the correct installation and connection to avoid possible short circuit.

Do not connect with the power switched on.





     1. The distance between controller and power supply or between LED modules and controller should be no more than 3 meters.


2. When choosing the power cord, please remember that the total current of the LED modules connected with the power cord should not exceed the normal working current of the power cord.


3. Please make sure that the metal case of the power supply is connected with the ground line since the power supply must be grounded.

4. The waterproof and insulating treatment should be done for the last module of each loop. – silicone, heat shrink or hot melt glue is good.

5. The controller and power supply must work in the ventilated and dry environment.

6.The Grey output wire(V) of the controller should be connected with the grey common anode wire(DC12V) of the controlled modules, while another three output wires of red, green and blue should be connected with the red, green and blue wires of the controlled modules.

7. Please confirm that no short circuit exists between input or output wires of the main line of the controller. If powered up and there is a short circuit, the internal components may be burned out.

8. When doing the connection and installation, please take care. Do not disassemble or install without switching off the power.

9. If the controller is not working once installed it and you have checked everything, contact us immediately.













Product Instruction

DV-V300 key-press type multifunctional LED RGB controller is used exclusively to control the RGB color of the LED modules with 4 lines and 3 loops (common anode) to change entirely and synchronously.


Performance & Specification 




Working Voltage:

12V DC

Output Load Current:

9 A/loop×3

Self Power Consumption:

< 1W

Output Power:

1 300 W

Speed Level:

8 Levels

Brightness Level:

08 Level

Case Dimension:

L211×W40×H30 MM

Working Temperature:

 -10 50

Packing Size:

L218×W45×H36 MM



Interface Type:

Terminal Interface

Protective Function:

Short circuit Self-protection


Small and exquisite shape, simple operations, various controlling effect, great capacity in load, little power consumption and auto mode save.

Applicable LED Module:

All the RBG LED modules and strips manufactured by our company.


 Operational Instructions


1”Mode” key is used to choose a mode. The mode will be changed after each press and total 10 modes can be chosen circularly.


2.     ”PAUSE” key is used to pause. When it is working in order, press “PAUSE” key, the present color or gray scale will stand by. Press “PAUSE” again or other key, it will be back to the normal state.


3. “SPD+” or “SPD-” key is to change the speed. There are total 8 levels of speeds adjustable.

The default speed when the controller powered is the 1st level speed, namely the maximum speed.


4. “BRI+” or “BRI-” key is to change the brightness. There are total 8 levels of brightness adjustable. The default brightness when the controller powered is the maximum.


5.      After above settings done, the controller will automatically save the settings. Then when powering the controller next time, it will work under the final mode settings saved last time.


Please Note -  When operating, please press the keys gently, but don’t overexert to avoid the membrane key-presses failing to function.



List of Lighting Effects 


Lighting Effects



RG Jumping



GB Jumping


RB Jumping


Seven-color Jumping


RG Fading


GB Fading



BR Fading


RGB Fading


Seven-color Gradual Brighter or Dimmer


Auto Cycle Mode

Automatically cycle from the 1st to 9th mode.


Connection / Wiring Diagram


1.    Single controller connecting way











2. The connecting way for controller and power enlarger using together




Problem Analysis & Resolution 



Reason Analysis


LED out of work

The wire on the wire terminal in bad connection

Re-connect the wires.

Anode grey wire in the wrong connection

The positive and negative wires of the power supply in short circuit


Be interfered

In wrong color

The wire is not corresponding with the LED

Re-connect the wire to the corresponding LED.






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