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Warranty Period


Gigantic Signs & Prints  guarantees all LED modules for FIVE YEARS from date of purchase; and Transformers for ONE YEAR from date of purchase.

LED modules found to be faulty within a period of 60 months (5 years), will be replaced.

Transformers found to be faulty within one year, will be replaced.


This Guarantee applies to all works installed as per Gigantic Signs & Prints instructions. The correct balance of LED module wattage to transformer loading must be maintained as close as possible to 80% of transformer output.  Where installations are found to have transformers under or overloaded by a factor of 10% or more, the guarantee may be disputed. It is imperative that all installations are done in accordance to our guidelines.
We are more than happy to confirm proposed LED signage / display wiring for you at no cost.

Policy Overview

Gigantic Signs and Prints  warrants all its LED products and power supplies, to be free of defects in material and workmanship during their specific warranty period.

The customer will process warranty service with Gigantic Signs and Prints  through the sign business who purchased the products from Gigantic Signs & Prints

The warranty is not subject to abuse, misuse or transfer. Gigantic Signs & Prints reserves the option to repair or replace products at no charge if found to be defective during the warranty period.

The liability of Gigantic Signs & Prints under the warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the unit and does not include the transportation, installation or other costs.

In no events will Gigantic Signs & Prints be liable for interruption of business loss of profits or indirect or consequential damage, injury to person or damage to property from any cause whatsoever.

Warranty Period

Five years from the date of original purchase - for LED modules.

One year from date of original purchase - for transformers.


Return Procedure
Before returning the product the customer should contact Gigantic Signs & Prints first to receive "Return Merchandise Authorization" number. The defective product must be sent to Gigantic Signs & Prints with a dated sales receipt as proof of purchase before the expiration of warranty period.
Damage during transit is not covered by this warranty.





If you have any questions or queries about products and / or services offered by Gigantic Signs, Please feel free to Contact Us.